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Take Five or More #52 and #53

Andrew Morrish

Andrew Morrish. Photo by Mireille Leblanc.
24—25 November 2022

Upstairs Studio, Dancehouse

Thursday 24 November (#52)

Friday 25 November (#53)

Friday 25 November (Forum)


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Take Five or More # 52 & 53 mark the end of 52 week project.  Since December 2 2021, Andrew has performed a weekly solo improvisation as a celebration of his 40 years engaged in performance improvisation. Andrew’s improvisations are intentionally ephemeral, they are made in the moment, for that moment and for that audience. #’s 52 and 53 are improvised, but supported and crafted by Andrew’s decades of practice. Andrew works across movement and text as his tragi-comic moving is incessantly interrupted by diatribes of verbal association, absurd word play and poignant story telling. This series uses a pre-prepared sound score of various versions of Take Five, a classic jazz standard, written when Andrew was 5 years old.

Take Five of More #53 will be followed by a free Forum, hosted by Rea Dennis (Deakin University).
The conversation will start from Andrew’s approach and then broadens into wider considerations of the nature, and relevance of Improvisation as a practice and as an art form.  It will also be an improvisation!

Co-produced by Dancehouse and Omeo Dance.

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Andrew Morrish began his interest in Performance Improvisation with Al Wunder’s seminal, Melbourne based company “Theatre of the Ordinary” in 1981. From 1987 to 1999 he was part of Trotman and Morrish, whose extensive practice model became the foundation for his future work. In 1999 he moved to Sydney to focus on his own solo practice and teaching Solo Performance Improvisation workshops. He straddled between Australia and Europe until COvid made it impossible. He now lives in East Gippsland and maintains his performance practice, live and online in addition to advanced coaching work on line with students in Australia and Europe. In the decade from 2009-2019 he taught over 3400 students in 19 countries. In that time, on average, he taught a 15 hour workshop every 13 days, and performed, on average, for 33 mins every 16 days.

He’s getting tired now.

Rea Dennis is a performance practitioner and researcher. Her movement improvisation practice has inspired her performance making and scholarship over many years and is an extension of her way of being in the world. She is interested in the outdoors, embodied experience, and is curious about how her interior sensing produces meaning. Engaged in intersections and synergies, she  convened the 2007 international gathering Improvisation Continuums in Cardiff, Wales. Born on Bundjalung country, Rea now lives on Wurundjeri country and works at Deakin University.

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