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Tra Mi Dinh

'(UP)HOLDING' (2023) Tra Mi Dinh. Photo by Christina Mishell
12—15 April 2023

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Are you witnessing, encouraging or complicit? 

Stuck in a loop, (UP)HOLDING questions the morality of endurance in this endless marathon of existence…and performance.

A high-energy work for 3, (UP)HOLDING is a dance that struggles to endure itself. Inspired by the gruelling ‘dance marathons’ of America’s Depression Era, the show toys with acts of endurance and performance. Our role as viewer is challenged as we witness the ridiculous/unrelenting marathon of life alongside the performers. Looping over and over, the work exists in a flux of repetition and desperation as the performers surge through a complex choreography; juggling ceaseless movements with an increasing sense of urgency…enduring, struggling and performing their way towards clarity and resolution.

Choreographer: Tra Mi Dinh
Performer/Collaborator/s: Emma Harrison, Emma Riches, Tra Mi Dinh
Sound Design: Robert P Downie
Lighting Design: Giovanna Yate Gonzalez
Costume Design: Tra Mi Dinh with Andrew Treloar

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Tra Mi Dinh is a dancer and choreographer based across Sydney and Melbourne. As a dancer, she’s worked for companies’ Lucy Guerin Inc, Chunky Move, Stephanie Lake Company, and Dance Makers Collective plus a diverse collection of independent artists including Victoria Chiu, Lee Serle, Michelle Heaven, Nithya Nagarajan, and Isabelle Beauvard. Dinh choreographic work has been supported through residencies at Tasdance’ On the Island Program, Sydney Fringe’s Art in Isolation, Critical Path, March Dance, DAIR, and DirtyFeet’s Out of the Studio program. She premiered her debut solo work HOLDING at March Dance in Sydney 2021, and more recently (UP)HOLDING at Brand X in January 2023. In 2022, Tra Mi won the 2022 Keir Choreographic Award for her work The ___. Tra Mi graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts (2014) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) and the Orloff Family Charitable Trust Scholarship for Most Outstanding Dancer.


Emma Harrison is a performer and maker across a multitude of art forms. Primarily a contemporary dancer and choreographer, Emma’s practice encompasses multidisciplinary works merging dance, sung and spoken voice, improvisation, film and theatre. She is a graduate of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts /LINK Dance Company and holds postgraduate degrees in Media Arts and Production and Primary Education (currently completing). In dance, Emma works with independent choreographers in both Sydney and Perth and is a member of Dance Makers Collective. She has presented choreographic works through March Dance Festival, Art Month, Ausdance NSW, Firstdraft Gallery, Bondi Feast, Crack X Festival, Strut Dance WA, Sydney Fringe Festival, Fremantle Arts Centre and as a DirtyFeet Choreographic Out of the Studio recipient.


Emma Riches is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist working in experimental dance. Working as a performer, choreographer and teacher, she is interested in how these roles intersect and inform each other. Emma has presented short choreographic works at Temperance Hall, Dancehouse, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Fringe Festival and LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore). As a dancer, she has worked with Jo Lloyd, alice will caroline, Siobhan McKenna, Phillip Adams and Victoria Hunt. She has performed in Dance Massive Festival, Next Wave Festival, Festival of Live Art, Melbourne Art Fair, Immigration Museum Victoria, Melbourne International Festival, Public Art Melbourne, Yirramboi Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and at the Art Gallery of NSW. Emma is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (BFA Dance 2015) and was a recent artist in residence at Schoolhouse Studios.

This project has been supported by Sydney Fringe, Ausdance NSW, the Keir Foundation, March Dance, Lucy Guerin Inc, Temperance Hall, and Brand X. Special thanks to Martin Del Amo for his generous support.

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