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Alchemy Dance Improvisation — Anne O’Keeffe

Photo by Mischa Baka

Alchemy Dance Improvisation

ALCHEMY classes explore IMPROVISATION to discover deep levels of connection, creativity and community.

With a focus on embodiment and authenticity, trust is developed in the profound wisdom of the body, as intuition activates and inspires the dance. Together, we embark on a rich excavation of the connections between inner self and outer expression, in a dynamic process of affirmation and transformation. Through dancing, witnessing and reflecting, students investigate and integrate sensations, feelings, memories and imaginings through mindful engagement with the body and breath.

Alchemy engages the heart and enriches the spirit in a joyful celebration of the moving moment.

Anne O’Keeffe is a dancer, choreographer and actor, trained at Rusden/VCA. She has taught improvisation since 1984, inspired by Al Wunder, Stephanie Skura, Skinner Releasing, Michael Chekhov, yoga and mindfulness. Anne teaches Improvisation to dancers and Movement to actors at VCA and 16th Street. Anne’s Masters investigated embodied Presence, and in 2016 she was honored with a Pegasus Scholarship for arts teaching excellence. She founded Alchemy in 2001, with a documentary about her work currently in production. Anne’s teaching invites integration and transformation through conscious embodiment. She provides a non-judgmental space where movement can be explored soulfully and joyfully.


One-off Workshop
Sunday 11 April 2021

4 May—1 June 2021
6:30—9:30pm (Tuesdays)
10:30am—5:30pm (Sunday 23 May)
2:30—6:30pm (Sunday 6 June)


Attendance from $130—$410




Students from 18—65 years. No formal dance experience required. All genders, cultures and abilities welcome in this diverse, inclusive community.

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