Due to the current lockdown, Dancehouse is closed from 5pm, 5 August.

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2021 Bookings

UPDATE September 2021: Based on Victoria’s Roadmap: Delivering the National Plan, Dancehouse will not take any additional bookings in 2021.

During this pandemic, Dancehouse needs to operate a little differently. Please see our COVIDSafe plan. Dancehouse currently accepts bookings:

Monday–Friday: 9am-5pm &
Tuesday–Thursday: 6pm–11pm

— Minimum booking: 2 hours
— Venue cleaning occurs 8–9am and 5-6pm daily
— In 2021, Monday and Friday evenings are not available for hire

Saturday–Sunday: 9am-10pm

— Minimum booking terms: 6 hours (1 booking per studio per day)

Want to book a Dancehouse space? Follow these three easy steps:

1. Check availability of Dancehouse spaces using the yellow button below.
Check Availability

2. Open a Skedda account to confirm and pay for your bookings — create one using the white button below. Note: You’re not booking space directly in Skedda yet (we’ll do that our end).
Create a Skedda Account

3. Submit a booking enquiry. The enquiry form asks different questions if you are booking for a class, rehearsal, public event or something else. Dancehouse reviews booking requests in order of receipt and will confirm with you directly within 3 business days. For anything requiring a quote, we’ll follow-up with you by phone or email.
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Skylab launch event


Dancehouse’s rates across all spaces:

— Rehearsals (per hour): $21 / Members $15

— Classes/Workshops (per hour): $26 / Members $20

— Photography/Video Shoots (per hour): $26 / Members $20

— Other public events or space use*: Please ask for a quote

* Any public events, presentations, use of multiple spaces, non-dance activity, or exclusive venue use/ “black-out”, will require staffing, use of equipment and a quote from Dancehouse and won’t adhere to hourly rate structures. Please follow the steps to submit a booking enquiry and we’ll get back to you to have a chat.

Skylab from $15—26/hr

11m x 6m / 66m2

More Information
Upstairs Studio from $15—26/hr

9.5m x 14m / 133m2

More Information
Sylvia Staehli Theatre from $15—26/hr

9.5m x 17.5m / 166m2

More Information

Image credit: Michael Longton

Stop-Go, Branch Nebula (2018). Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti for Dancehouse (Sylvia Staehli Theatre).

Located in North Carlton, Dancehouse is a performance venue dedicated to contemporary dance with a comfortable foyer, bar and amenities, two flexible studio spaces, upstairs and a theatre with backstage, and garden on the ground floor.*

While Dancehouse spaces are primarily set-up for dance performances, rehearsals and workshops, they are versatile and available for a wide range of applications. Dancehouse has played host to lectures, screenings, photoshoots, community festivals and corporate planning days.

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