Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

From Abroad Workshops

Alalazo (2021) by Veza Fernandez. Photo by Hanna Fasching.
Alalazo (2021) by Veza Fernandez. Photo by Hanna Fasching.

From Abroad Workshops

International dance artists are returning to Melbourne/ Naarm and we’d love for you to connect with them!

Dancehouse’s From Abroad Workshops are offered by visiting international artists from Dancehouse who come strongly recommended by your Australian peers and offer you a way to meet visiting artists, and to exchange with them, their practices, and ideas.

Dancehouse sends emails directly to Members 2-4 weeks in advance of Workshops to take registrations. 

From Abroad Workshops are absolutely FREE to Dancehouse Members or $30 for Non-Members.

Dancehouse’s From Abroad Workshops are opportunistic, but coming up in 2023 keep your eyes peeled for ….

— Veza Fernandez (Spain/ Austria) in May /  recommended by Alice Heyward

— Tina Tarpgaard (Denmark) in November / recommended by Govin Reuben & Ashleigh Musk



2023 From Abroad Workshops

The Membrane Project

Workshop with Tina Tarpgaard, Recoil Performance Group (Denmark)

10am-12pm, Friday 17 November, Upstairs Studio


Visiting artist Tina Tarpgaard offers a workshop which is part presentation, part movement workshop. It will begin with a short visual presentation of THE MEMBRANE PROJECT trilogy, and the concepts behind it.

MASS-bloom explorations, currently presented at Dancehouse 16-18 November, is the second part of THE MEMBRANE PROJECT and is a choreographic installation involving one human performer and thousands of co-performing mealworms.

Following the presentation will be a movement workshop based on the choreographic scores involved in MASS-bloom explorations and the element of performing slowness. At the end of the workshop, there is time for questions and discussions on the subject of interspecies relations and bioperformativity on stage.


The Voice That Touches Also Has a Skin
Workshop with Veza Fernandez (Austria)

6-9pm, Tuesday 13 June, Sylvia Staehli Theatre

A workshop exploring voice from Veza Fernandez.

In this workshop we explore the sensuous voice as a listening organ. A bodily voice that moves beyond the mouth and the throat to connect and make sense of different resonant surfaces like walls, floors and body parts. Through a series of vocal and physical visualising exercises, I will teach how to create sonic spaces between the insides of our bodies and the space around and between us. This will allow us to train a listening through sounding in which the voice gets shaped through what it encounters and imagines. The sensuous voice is the ultimate manifestation of corporeality, pouring the visceral into manifestation. Be ready to feel the voice shaping and exiting your body in never ending screams, moans, sighs. To not know who is sounding you and to feel the power that the voice releases.

From 31 May, Dancehouse is hosting visiting Spanish-Austrian artist Veza Fernandez before they travel to Dark MOFO.

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