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Green Moves

The Melbourne dance sector getting greener


Dancehouse is proud to announce a series of recent activities and moves that will make us a greener organisation, building, and community of dance artists keen to centre local climate action.


Community Skills for Climate Action 2021

Throughout 2021, local dance artists Rebecca Jensen and Caitlin Dear were directly supported by Dancehouse to participate in the Community Skills for Climate Action program delivered by City of Yarra, City of Darebin and City of Moreland.

This exciting initiative connected 75 community activists across Northern Melbourne to network, build skills, and learn more about climate action. Dancehouse providing support for two dance artists to develop skills and professional development in this important area of practice, to ensure artist-led participation in climate action, and to ensure other activists and communities could benefit from the skills, networks and talents of local artists.


The Green Bee 2022

Fresh with ideas from the Community Skills for Climate Action, Dancehouse is proud to partner with Caitlin and Rebecca on a new suite of free public workshops in 2022; The Green Bee.

Open to all, the Green Bee brings activists, scientists, environmentalists and artists to create and take climate action through a mix of art, advocacy, action, discussion, and practical support of local campaigns and partnerships. Through this collaborative work, The Green Bee aims to build meaningful connections, future collaborations, support networks, and friendships.

There are four Green Bee Workshops scheduled for Summer/ Autumn 2022 with support of City of Yarra, Dancehouse and local partners.

Register here to catch the full Green Bee program announcement in January 2022.


Dancehouse powered by 100% Renewables

Since late 2021, Dancehouse has been powered by local wind! Courtesy of City of Yarra’s innovative partnership, Dancehouse has joined Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP) to ensure our space and buildings are powered from 100% local renewable energy.

The Melbourne Renewable Energy Project brought partners together in 2017 to drive the construction of a wind farm at Crowlands (near Ararat) which hosts 39 turbines and is owned and operated by Melbourne-based clean energy company Pacific Hydro.

Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti. What Am I Supposed To Do? (WAISTD) By Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen / Deep Soulful Sweats.

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