Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

(In)Corporeal Encounters


'(In)Corporeal Encounters' (VCA, 2022). Photo by Tilly Parsons.

In these critical conversations we divine possibilities for future dance(r)s through an interdisciplinary weave of voices from artists, scholars and activists working in the fields of art and related disciplines. (In)Corporeal Encounters encourages speculation, provocation and creative thinking.


Featured: Rheannon Port, Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Professor Tracey Bunda, Zoë Brown, Philipa Rothfield, Victoria Chiu, Caroline Bowditch, Shinjita Roy, Wendy Lasica, Amaara Raheem, Avni Sethi, Brooke Stamp, Amelia Wallin, Zoe Bastin, Tiriki Onus, Carol Brown, Gregory Lorenzutti, Renae Shadler and Caitlin Dear


(In)Corporeal Encounters is a partnership between VCA Dance at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne, and Dancehouse. This series is curated by Professor Carol Brown, Dr Philipa Rothfield and VCA Creative Researchers Shinjita Roy and Brooke Stamp.

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