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'Choreographed Readings' (2018), Rhiannon Newton. Photo by Georgia Rann.
16 & 23 March 2019

Carlton Library


Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible

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Expanding on Dancehouse’s 2018 artist in residence Rhiannon Newton’s We Make Each Other Up, Dancehouse’s Dance Massive artists are invited to contribute excerpts from texts that have influenced their practice and thinking. Each text is accompanied by a score and short note from the artist, shared in a one-to-one reading. Mapping webs of thought and care threaded through the festival, the simple act of reading and listening reminds us the the body is the place through which we think, imagine and feel things anew.

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Rhiannon Newton is an Australian dancer and choreographer. She creates performance works that inhabit theatre, public and gallery spaces. Ongoing themes in her work include repetition and the study patterns that give rise to change and stasis within the body and our world. Rhiannon has been commissioned by Dancehouse Melbourne for Housemate 2018 (We Make Each Other Up) and Dance Massive 2017 (Bodied Assemblies). Her works have been presented nationally and internationally in contexts such as Brisbane Festival, The Powerhouse: Festival 2018, Firstdraft Exhibitions Program, Eyes Wide Festival, Metro Arts, Nagib On Stage (SL), Tanzhaus Zurich (CH), Performing Arts Forum (FR) and Movement Research at the Judson Church (USA). She has developed her practice in residencies throughout Australia, Europe and the USA and been a part of international exchange programs involving Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Singapore. Rhiannon works as a collaborator/performer with artists such as Mette Edvardsen, Elysa Wendi, Martin Del Amo, Amrita Hepi, Benjamin Forster, Rosalind Crisp, Paea Leach and Brooke Stamp for  Biennale of Sydney, Kunsten Festival (BE), Sydney Festival, Next Wave, the Keir Choreographic Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre and Tanzfabrik Berlin. Rhiannon has recently been appointed a caretaker of ReadyMade Works Sydney, is the current Create NSW Emerging Performing Artist Fellow and was a Dancehouse 2018 Housemate artist in residence.

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