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Oh Sheila

Ashley Goh, Beverley Li & Tiffany Nung

'Oh Sheila' (2023), Ashley Goh, Beverley Li, Tiffany Nung. Photo by William Mak.
7pm, Wed 11–Sat 14 October 2023
Upstairs Studio
45 mins

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Members/Locals: $15
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As humans, we exist within space and time, and our experiences of these concepts shape our understanding of the world around us. Our perception of space and time is largely shaped by our physical senses and our ability to perceive the passage of time.

In terms of space, we perceive the world through our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. We experience space in three dimensions, and our ability to move within and interact with this space is fundamental to our existence. Our experiences of space are influenced by cultural, social, and environmental factors, which can shape our perception of what is considered “normal” or “appropriate” within a given context.

In terms of time, we perceive the passage of time through our sense of duration and change. Our understanding of time is shaped by our experiences of events and processes, and our ability to anticipate future events is crucial for our survival and adaptation. Our experiences of time are also influenced by cultural and social factors, which can shape our perception of the past, present, and future. Overall, our existence in relation to space and time is complex and multifaceted, and our understanding of these concepts continues to evolve as we learn more about the nature of the universe and our place within it.

Our performance contests everything we understand of space and time and thus reality. When movement is captured on video or film, it can be slowed down, sped up or repeated, providing a more detailed and nuanced visual experience. How do we replicate these effects? Non-real-time movement such as time-lapse photography, stop-motion animation, and video montages, can we stage these in real time?

‘Oh Sheila’ is an all-female crew trained in styles ranging from Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary to Hip-hop, House and Popping. Collectively, they have experiences and achievements in musical and physical theatre, dance exhibitions and battles.

Created & Performed by: Ashley Goh, Beverley Li & Tiffany Nung

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Ashley Goh helped established Recognize Studios (Singapore) in 2010 – Radikal Forze Jam and Summer Jam Dance Camp- but made her move to Sydney in 2011 to pursue a full time Bachelor of Dance. She was highlighted in a music video featuring Chauncey Black, and backed up Grammy Award Winning RnB group Blackstreet, for their 2015 Australian Tour. She jumped into her first battle in 2016 and has since immersed herself in the street dance community where she finds herself deeply rooted to, practising styles of Hiphop, Popping and House dance. Ashley made her musical theatre debut at the Sydney Opera House as Connie in A Chorus Line by Darlinghurst Theatre Company, and she has since toured with LEAP by Neil Gooding Productions, and performed Carmen on Cockatoo and Adriana Lecouvreur with Opera Australia. She is currently the Director of Jam Republic Sydney, an agency home to local street dancers and continues to strive towards expanding creative opportunities and resources for her fellow artists. Ashley hopes to pave an avenue where street dancers creating original work, auditioning fellow dancers, conducting choreography and production rehearsals, and performing professionally becomes an accessible prospect.

Beverley Li first started dancing in 2009 with choreography and was a part of crews DGen and Creative Identity. With both crews she had entered various choreography crew competitions such as Australian Hip hop Championships, World Supremacy Battlegrounds and Looze Control. Over the 4 years within the choreography scene she worked with her crews doing several gigs including Magique Halloween at Luna Park, creative video collaborations with international choreographers and many community showcases around Sydney and Wollongong. It wasn’t long until Beverley fell in love with the street dance scene and dove into the dance form of Popping. In the course of 9 years Beverley has accomplished huge achievements in battles both locally and internationally (Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, LA and more) competing and judging. Her most recent accomplishments include: Judge – Made in Redfern (2023) / Open Style 2v2, Winner – Village Vol.9 (2023) / Bonnie and Clyde 2v2 (Tochigi, Japan), Top 16 Destructive Steps 14 (2022) / Hip hop, Redbull Dance Your Style Competitor (2019 & 2022) and many more. Beyond battles she continues to do numerous showcases under Destructive Steps Dance Association and Australian Breaking Association including Darling Square Chinese New Year shows, Hermés (fitness exhibition) and many community events around Sydney. Outside of her full-time career as a Product Designer she considers dance her fulltime passion and continues to expand her skillset into the different artistic expressions of Hip hop, Breaking and Voguing.

Tiffany Nung, born and raised in Hong Kong, has been dancing in Sydney since 2016. She was trained from a young age in ballet and later fell in love with street dance. She is well versed in multiple street styles including hip hop, popping and house and has passion for movement of all sorts. She is now a part of all female open style crew Oh Sheila and continues to be an active member of the Sydney street dance community. Since she started dancing in Sydney, Tiffany has been an active participant in community events and battle events. She recently won Hip Hop Showdown 2022 in the 1v1 Hip Hop category and 2v2 Open-styles category. She was recently invited back to City Sessions 2023 as a guest battler in the invitational 2v2 open styles battles, following her success as runner up in both the Hip Hop and House category in the year prior. Alongside Koh Yamada she placed runner-up amongst 8 other elite teams of local dancers this year. She continues to expand her repertoire and represent Sydney in battle events locally and internationally.

Tiff began venturing into the contemporary theatre space in 2022, her first development and show was ‘Plastic Bag’, where she performed alongside Jackson Garcia AKA Bboy Hungryjack, directed by Feras Shaheen which was supported by BrandX. More recently she took part in a weeklong development in Canberra with choreographic duo Synergy Styles, led by Lilah and Stephen Gow. This development was supported by Arts ACT, QL2 Dance and Aus Dance ACT.

Presented as part of Melbourne Fringe 2023.

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