Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

On The Verge #4

Catherine Magill and Peter Trotman

Noelle Rees-Hatton (2022). Photo by Peter Trotman.
30—31 July 2022

Staehli Theatre, Upstairs Studio & Skylab

Part One: $15/$10 concession
Part Two: $15/$10 concession (for performing participants) $5 (watch-only)
Part Three: $40/$25 concession


This event is suitable for those with experience and comfort in improvisation and performance.

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Part One: Punctuation

Saturday 30 July, 2—3:30pm
Sylvia Staehli Theatre

A public showing of work by:
Peter Trotman — Parenthesis()
Catherine Magill — Ellipsis…
Tony Osborne — Exclamation Mark!

Brace yourself for 3 pieces distinctive in their approach to improvisation and for the punctilious puncturing and punctuation of the boundaries of performative practice.

Part Two: Expansion

Saturday 30 July, 4:45—9pm
Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Upstairs Studio & Skylab

This event offers experienced improvisers the opportunity to try their hand at longer performances from 20 to 30 minutes. You can join this session as either a performer or a supportive watcher, as people expand beyond their limits of comfort. The sessions’ duration and structure will be determined by the number of participants and their nominated performance length. The evening will occur across multiple spaces concurrently.

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Part Three: Propulsion

Sunday 31 July, 9am—3:30pm
Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Upstairs Studio & Skylab

Propulsion is a day of practice for those with some experience of improvisational, movement-based performance. The day will start with a morning workshop for the whole group led by the extraordinary improvisational and multi-disciplinary Sydney-based artist Tony Osborne. Having been invigorated for play with movement, sound, and text, we will break into smaller groups. The day will then be divided into sessions for peer practice. The number of participants will determine how many practice slots will be available, in how many spaces.

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Catherine Magill and Peter Trotman each have over 30 years experience as Improvised Performance artists. Leading practitioners of the form they have taught and performed both nationally and internationally. Both artists work with movement and text and are known for their strong sense of theatre, clever repartee and diverse movement styles. Catherine and Peter are excited to present this second peer practice event for the Improvisation Community.

Tony Osborne is a multi-discipline performance artist. His 40 years of performance experience spans a wide range of forms from theatre, dance, music to sound & conceptual art. He has performed Roman Ondak’s Swap in Sydney, Basel, Shanghai and New York between 2013 & 2017, has a long-standing association with Nikki Heywood & Andrew Morrish and is a long-standing member of Splinter Orchestra (vocals & electronics). He has a wide experience and ongoing practice in Performance Improvisation and facilitates workshops in Sydney at ReadyMade Works, A.M.P.A. and Sydney Dance Company PPY programme.

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