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Sister Session Vol.6

Sister Sessions

Photo: Marnie Newton
14 December 2020

Free live screening
With Q&A between Marnie Newton and Melissa Lum

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Sister Sessions Vol.6 happened in two parts across 2020 working virtually and in lead up to filming at Dancehouse in November. Female participants were paired with female mentors with differing backgrounds, experiences and disciplines to explore their own unique movement.

In this screening participants debut their creations, made in collaboration with their mentors and each other — including different dance genres from krump to contemporary.

Mentors: Alix Gardiner-Phillips, Arisa Herbert, Arna Singleton, Bonnie Su, Jenn Ma, Lauren Drago, Nadiah Biddle and Marnie Newton
Featuring: Phoebe Tou (mentored by Alix Gardiner); Vivien Salcedo (mentored by Nadiah Biddle); Simone Etheve (mentored by Marnie Newton); Aleena Panagopoulos & Suisse Marie Larcerna (mentored by Jenn Ma); Shirley Qi (mentored by Arisa Herbert); Beckie Wilson (mentored by Arna Singleton); Miriam Garrido (mentored by Bonnie Su)
Q&A: Sister Session Founders Marnie Newton and Melissa Lum

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Sister Sessions Melbourne is a female run initiative focused on the promotion and growth of females within the Melbourne Street Dance scene. Originally established in 2018, Sister Sessions has been proud to have run 5 events for the female dance community, each focusing on different ideas for self and community development. Sister Sessions events have engaged with over 150 females from both the Melbourne freestyle dance scene and the international dance scene, and assisted a new generation of female freestyle dancers to foster and develop in their own unique ways.

This project is supported by Creative Victoria as part of the VicArts program and by Dancehouse through the Artist's Cut program.

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