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Dancehouse Policies

Dancehouse Policies are developed in line with our Code of Conduct to reflect the standards of Dancehouse, and our expectations for those who engage with us.

Dancehouse Code of Conduct

This policy affirms Dancehouse’s belief in responsible social and ethical behaviour. Dancehouse expects cooperation from all persons engaged with Dancehouse in conducting themselves in a professional, ethical and socially acceptable manner of the highest standards. This policy clarifies the standards of behaviour that Dancehouse expects of all employees, artists, contractors, volunteers, general public, venue users, and all others engaged in activity at Dancehouse or Dancehouse offsite programs. The Code of Conduct does not replace legislation and if any part of it is in conflict, then legislation takes precedence. 


  • Act and maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism;
  • Be considerate and respectful of others and recognise Dancehouse as professional environment;
  • Exercise fairness, equality, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in dealing with each other: employees, contractors, stakeholders, suppliers and members of the public;
  • Treat all Dancehouse staff, other members of the public, and other venue users with respect and civility;
  • Under no circumstances partake in behaviour that could be described as bullying, discrimination or harassment;
  • Perform duties with skill, honesty, care and diligence;
  • Abide by policies, procedures and lawful directions from Dancehouse and our stakeholders;
  • Be responsible and scrupulous in the proper use of Company information, funds, equipment and facilities;
  • Adhere to instructions relating venue use, access and CovidSafety;
  • Avoid conflict of interests and declare any conflict of interest to the Artistic Director / CEO as soon as they arise;
  • Under no circumstances may Dancehouse employees offer or accept money for personal advantage;
  • Anyone engaged with Dancehouse who in good faith discloses an alleged breach of this Code of Conduct, whilst following correct reporting procedures, will not be disadvantaged or prejudiced. All reports will be dealt with in a timely and confidential manner.


Dancehouse is committed to transparent, timely and confidential processes, and takes all reports seriously. Completing an Incident Report allows you to record and notify the correct person in the Dancehouse organisation of an incident. Incidents may include breaches of the Dancehouse Code of Conduct, a near miss or injury, a complaint, an experience of discrimination, or a comment on these policies.

Incident Reports can be completed by anyone engaging with or at Dancehouse, including employees, hirers, users, artists and the general public.

You can nominate who the form should be directed to Dancehouse Operations Manager (Olivia Hutchinson); Dancehouse Production Manager (Georgia Rann); Dancehouse CEO/Artistic Director (Joshua Wright), or Dancehouse Chair (Shelley Lasica).

You may either:

  1. Complete the online form;
  2. Complete the word document and email directly to any of the people indicated above;
  3. Request a confidential conversation with any of the people above, and they will complete the form on your behalf.

In all instances, you will receive a soft copy of your report. The recipient will acknowledge in writing receipt of your report within 2 business days. Please note some staff are part-time.

Report an Incident — Operations or Production

Report an Incident — Director / CEO

Report an Incident — Board Chair

Covidsafe Plan

This policy is for the purpose of ensuring up to date information is available to all who require safe access to Dancehouse during Covid-19.


This policy is available in full and updated on our CovidSafe page.

Bookings and Cancellations


  • All current booking information is available on our Spaces page
    • All Covid-19 specific information relating to using Dancehouse is available in our CovidSafe Plan 
  • All booking requests must be received via a Booking Enquiry Form; a Dancehouse staff member will respond within 3 business days to discuss and or confirm your booking
  • Dancehouse has the following confirmation schedule (subject to change depending on Government imposed restrictions):
    • January — June: Confirmed from October the year prior
    • July — December: Confirmed from April the year of
  • All confirmed bookings are managed through SKEDDA, including:
    • Bookings
    • Payments
    • Cancellations / amendments
    • Access instructions
    • Links to key documents including the Venue Use Agreement
  • A booking in SKEDDA is 100% confirmed and subject to our cancellation policy
  • All bookings must be paid for in advance through SKEDDA — 24-72 hours prior
    • If a payment is unsuccessful, the user will be contacted, and the booking and/or future bookings may be forfeited 
  • It is the responsibility of the user to check their confirmed bookings in SKEDDA
    • If a user misses a confirmed booking in SKEDDA, they will be charged (see Cancelation policy)
    • If a user attends Dancehouse under the assumption that they have a booking, and it is not in SKEDDA, Dancehouse is not liable
  • The SKEDDA calendar in Dancehouse is view only.To request a booking, check availability in SKEDDA and then submit a Booking Enquiry Form
  • All Lead Hirers (the name the booking is made under in SKEDDA) must:
    • Complete the Venue Use Agreement
    • Complete a CovidSafe Marshall induction (teachers & groups)
  • Dancehouse is a performance venue and has limited access to:
    • Availability
    • Amenities (inc. kitchen, mirrors, etc.)
    • Floor types / shoe types


  • Single bookings (one-off or in a series) can be cancelled by the user directly through SKEDDA up to 72 hours prior to the booking at no cost
    • A booking can only be cancelled through SKEDDA, emails or phone calls will not be actioned
  • Multiple day / weeklong bookings must pay a 25% non-refundable deposit 4 weeks prior to the booking
    • The subsequent bookings can be cancelled by the user directly through SKEDDA up to 72 hours prior to the booking at no cost
  • Cancellations within 72 hours will be charged the full cost of the booking
    • If a booking is cancelled within 72 hours and the user’s card is unable to be charged, they will forfeit the ability to hire Dancehouse in future
  • Dancehouse’s performance program sometimes changes – if a confirmed booking in Skedda must be amended or cancelled due to a program, Dancehouse will inform the user a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the booking. 
  • Any cancellations due to Covid-19 and government regulations will be refunded the full cost of the booking, including deposit. This includes:
    • Government enforced shut down
    • A suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 at Dancehouse
  • Any refunds processed to teachers whose bookings have been cancelled due to the above reasons should be passed on to the students who have paid to attend.

Conflict of Interest

This policy is for outlining the expectations placed upon Dancehouse board members and staff with regard to situations where there may be real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest, and to protect the public interest.


  • Conflict of Interest:
    • Staff member activities or relationships which may be / appear to be inconsistent with performance of duties and abilities of judgement on behalf of Dancehouse
    • Exploitation of a staff member’s position with Dancehouse for the purpose of financial gain, including but not limited to:
      • Vested or financial interest(s) or relationship(s) with the provider(s) of commercial services
      • If a staff or board member, or any immediate family:
        • serves as an officer, director, partner, employee, consultant, or agent of a commercial organisation;
        • owns an equity interest in a commercial organisation; or
        • has received compensation during the prior twelve months, or has contracted to receive compensation during the next twelve months, from a commercial organisation.
  • And, if:
    • the commercial organisation intends to fund proposed activity that the individual will perform for Dancehouse;
    • currently funds activity that the individual performs for Dancehouse; or
    • will receive payment for goods or services in connection with activity that the individual performs for Dancehouse
  • Non-financial Conflict:
    • A professional relationship where an applicant for space grants, performances, and other non-financial opportunities is known to Dancehouse staff and / or board members


  • A conflict of interest may be identified by any Dancehouse staff or board member, or other stakeholder
  • If a conflict of interest is identified the affected activity should be avoided so as to remove the conflict of interest
  • If a conflict of interest is identified, activity may proceed with some alterations to the activity and full disclosure of the conflict. 
    • Full disclosure of a potential conflict of interest must occur prior to any programming or financial decisions including contracting
    • Full disclosure may include completing a Conflict Of Interest Declaration
  • Failure to disclose a conflict of interest will be dealt with by the Dancehouse Board, in interest with Dancehouse’s standing in the community
  • Reporting to the Chair of the Board is available through this form.


Accessibility and Inclusion — To be developed in 2021

Archive and Collection Policy — To be developed in 2021

Childsafe and Working with Children — In Review

Confidentiality and Privacy — In Review

Contractors, Casuals, and Sole Traders — In Review

Diversity Action Plan — To be developed in 2021

Equal Employment Opportunity — To be developed in 2021

Financial policy and approvals — To be developed in 2021

First Nations Engagement — To be developed in 2021

First Nations Self-Determination, protocols and cultural safety — To be developed in 2021

Hiring Dancehouse and Venue Use — In Review

Operational Health and Safety and Risk Assessment — In Review

Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination — In Review

Sustainability — To be developed in 2021

Ticketing Terms and Conditions of Purchase — In Review

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