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Emerging Choreographers Program

Future City Inflatable (2018), Ellen Davies & Alice Heyward. Photo by Jacqui Shelton.

Dancehouse’s Emerging Choreographers Program (ECP) is a year-long capacity building and professional development initiative. This opportunity gives 20 young choreographers from diverse cultural and training backgrounds support to develop the skills required for ongoing self-sustaining artistic enquiry, including the concrete tools needed for creating  and administering their work. Additionally, the program encourages a dynamic and critically reflective environment by nurturing both the practice and the thinking of the practice in resonance with contemporary society.

This program is funded by the Packer Family and Crown Resorts Foundations.

The pilot program was proudly supported by Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank Branch – Bendigo Bank and the Robert Salzer Foundation.

Applications for the 2020/21 program will open soon.

About Dancehouse

Dancehouse is the centre for independent dance in Melbourne. Through its programs of residencies, performance, training and research, Dancehouse is a space for developing challenging, invigorating, and socially engaged moving art. Dancehouse is also a hub of knowledge and resources, a presenter of outstanding programs targeting multiple communities and a fierce advocate for the vibrancy and literacy of the Australian independent dance sector.

Who is this for?

The Emerging Choreographer’s Program is open to emerging choreographers and dancers from diverse dance training backgrounds interested in developing an ongoing, sustainable choreographic practice – tools, processes and thinking – alongside a community of other artists at similar stages in their careers.

If you are passionate about developing your own unique and idiosyncratic vision for  what dance and choreography can become, then this program is for you.

Priority will be given to artists who can or have demonstrated

  • the potential for thoughtful, rigorous, inventive and generous approaches to art making;
  • who take initiative and create opportunities for themselves and others;
  • who can connect their artistic interests to broader social questions.

Whist we accept applications from older artists, priority will be given to artists aged between 21 to 26 or those in the first 5 years of their professional practice.

Artists working in other disciplines are encouraged to apply, provided they can show a history of commitment to embodied and/or choreographic practice.

Groups of artists who have a history of collaborating are encouraged to apply, but they still must apply as individuals.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • DISTINCTION of the proposed description of the artist’s practice, and their choreographic interests
  • CAPACITY to operate as part of a group and to contribute to its dynamics
  • POTENTIAL of the artist to benefit from this  program

Selection Process

Applicants are required to submit an EOI (dates TBA).

The EOI includes a number of short answer questions and a video. Applications will be assessed by an advisory panel of industry peers who have experience working with emerging artists.  In some cases — but not necessarily all — artists, or their referees, may be called to discuss the applicant and or their application in more detail.

Given the subjective nature of our curatorial approach, no feedback will be offered to any of the applicants.

What we offer*

  • Free access to workshops, masterclasses and seminars with iconic local, national or international dance and performance artists
  • Opportunities to share your ideas and practice with industry and peers
  • An opportunity to curate and/or lead an activity, event or workshop
  • Dancehouse Membership
  • 20 hours of free space
  • Access to additional space at radically reduced rates
  • Guidance from Dancehouse Staff
  • Mentoring opportunities with Dancehouse’s associated artists

*A fuller outline of the program and more detailed description of the activities will be released after participants are selected.  As a guide, in 2019/20, workshops, seminars or discussion groups were led by Andrew Morrish, Philipa Rothfield and Lucy Guerin, Jill Orr, Priya Srivinasan, Rosalind Crisp, Antony Hamilton, Anouk van Dijk, Kimberly Bartosik, Takao Kawaguchi, Matteo Fargion, Leisa Shelton, Auspicious Arts, Kara Ward and Daniel Kok.

If selected, we expect you to:

  • Commit to the full 12 months of the program**
  • Participate in all compulsory activities and a minimum of 40% of the program
  • Share your practice as part of the formal sharings
  • Pay a one off $200 administration fee
  • Occasionally volunteer for Dancehouse events across the year; come to the program with curiosity, generosity and openness

**After attending the three compulsory workshops participants choose which of the activities – masterclasses, seminars and workshops – best suit their needs and availability.

Deadlines & Important Dates

Applications for the 2020/21 program will open soon.

What will the space be used for?

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