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Punctum Inc

Name: Punctum Inc
Address: 1 Halford St., Castlemaine
Traditional Owners: Dja Dja Wurrung
Website: www.punctum.com.au

About Punctum Inc

Punctum experiments in live arts.

Punctum is a regional leader in a rare ecology of regionally based creative and culturally safe spaces at the intersection of contemporary art forms where artists can test, develop and present new work.

Since 2004, through our regionally based programs of new works and residencies, Punctum has fearlessly created safe spaces for artists to take risks and forge their artistic practice regionally for communities, audiences, and partners. We have grown over 50 new works and supported practice enquiry in local and international regional settings for hundreds of artists. We are sought after nationally as a trusted partner by those seeking to extend our approach to their artists and communities. We have received significant industry awards for our works and have a national renown for our residency programs.

Experimentation is at the heart of our practice, invention, and leadership.

On Residence Overview Document


Space Information

We negotiate relevant spaces or arenas for practice depending on the nature and qualities of place and location in which each artist is seeking to situate and test their work. For example – a public water way, a truck, an orchard, or an art gallery.
For studio practice and testing, we have access to two black box spaces (the Old Fire Station in Bendigo, the Phee Broadway Theatre in Castlemaine), our underground space (Punctum’s ICU – pictured here approx. 10m x 12m) and several other former industrial venues of varying scales.


October 2021 or April 2022


All studio venues are mixed ability/wheelchair accessible.


Not available on site.

Accommodation provided by On Residency if required.

Getting there and around

Punctum’s headquarters are a 15-minute walk from the Castlemaine Railway Station (on the Southern Cross/Bendigo line), and 15-minute walk from Castlemaine town centre. We have access to a bike for short town trips. Depending on the artists’ specific field of enquiry, the artist may need a car.

What’s On?

July/August 2021 — research for the second phase of a new Punctum work (begun Nov 2020)

August/September 2021 — development of a new multi-year co-commissioning/residency program, in-situ second phase of a new Punctum work (begun April 2020)

November 2021 — first phase development of a new Punctum work

Priority Areas

  • An experiment that connects with one or many layers of place.
  • Regionally based artists

An artist’s experiment will fall within one or all the following areas:

PROCESS — working at the limits of what can be achieved, taking risks, engaging in processes of trial-and-error, stepping into the unforeseen, not knowing where answers lie, failing safely.

TECHNIQUE — radically new techniques that do not fit a central narrative of any given art-form.

INVENTION — not merely offering something different but engaging with a potential that the artist considers has been overlooked or excluded and can be shared with or adopted with by others — this kind of experiment could be called ‘an invention.’

Host Offerings

  • Support for the artist to locate a relevant site/s for their practice enquiry
  • Connect, exchange or workshop with local artists and communities
  • 3 x 3 hours of production support
  • access to our regionally based network of artists and suppliers
  • 6 hours of creative mentoring

Resident Requirements

  • Meeting with Punctum team
  • Connecting through your residency experiment with an appropriate member or members of the Dja Dja Wurrung (Punctum assists with this connection and supplies a dedicated budget for this)
  • Meeting with local communities of practice and/or community members relevant to the artistic enquiry
  • A public showing/conversation/enquiry/engagement at the end of the residency

Key Contact

Jude Anderson, Artistic Director



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