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Take Five or More

VARIA Festival (2018), Andrew Morrish. Photo by Mireille Leblanc.
VARIA Festival (2018), Andrew Morrish. Photo by Mireille Leblanc.


Take Five or More is a series of 52 weekly, solo improvisations performed by Andrew Morrish to celebrate his 40 years of performance improvisation.

The pieces are all improvised, of varying lengths, in Andrew’s “instant, magnetic sync with his audience” style. His tragi-comic moving is incessantly interrupted by diatribes of verbal association, absurd word play and poignant story telling.

This series uses a pre-prepared sound score of various versions of Take Five, a classic jazz standard, written when Andrew was 5 years old. Some of the performances will be live-streamed and some will be live events in different venues throughout the year.

Andrew’s improvisations are, by intention ephemeral, they are made in the moment for that moment and for that audience. This ephemerality also applies to the scheduling, thus whilst there will be a performance each week, they will not be at a regular time or place.

To see the updated schedule and book, visit the website. You can request to receive the regular Take Five or More bulletin by emailing Andrew.

Upcoming Take Five or More events at Dancehouse

#52 and #53
24 & 25 November 2022

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Past Take Five or More events at Dancehouse

Friday 11 March 2022


Andrew Morrish was one of Al Wunder’s first students in Melbourne in 1981, and then became a long term member of Al’s “Theatre of the Ordinary”. He and Peter Trotman formed “Trotman and Morrish” in 1989, and they trained and performed together until 1999 when Andrew moved his work to Sydney and focussed on solo performing. From 1996 to 2006 he was member of Neil Thomas’ Urban Dream Capsule Project, performing in 16 cities in Australasia, Europe, North America and Asia. Since 2001 he has divided his time between Europe and Australia, teaching and performing solo performance improvisation. In the last 10 years he has taught nearly 4000 students, in over 300 workshops in 19 countries and performed 276 times. From 2008-13 he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Huddersfield, U.K. In 2016 he was granted a 2 year Dance Fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts. He’s quite tired now.

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