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Upstairs Studio

9.5m x 14m / 133m2

'Wavy' (2018), Efren Pamilacan Jr. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti for Dancehouse.

9.5m x 14m / 133m2 / 100p Capacity
from $15—26/hr

150 Princes Street
North Carlton
VIC 3054 Australia



9.5m x 14m / 133m2 / 100p Capacity

Upstairs Studio is a large, vaulted timber floor studio space with natural light and bleachers at one end of the space. Upstairs Studio is popular with workshops and masterclasses, rehearsals and intimate studio-style performances and presentations. Performances with light technical requirements are presented in this space.

Upstairs Studio has: polished timber floors, heating, air conditioner, natural light, partial black-out, partial LX rig, no mirrors, sound system aux plug in, no stereo, moveable seating.

Accessibility: Limited access: stairs only.

Located in North Carlton, Dancehouse is a performance venue dedicated to contemporary dance with a comfortable foyer, bar and amenities, two flexible studio spaces, upstairs and a theatre with backstage, and garden on the ground floor.

While Dancehouse spaces are primarily set-up for dance performances, rehearsals and workshops, they are versatile and available for a wide range of applications. Dancehouse has played host to talking events, music gigs, parties, photo shoots, community festivals and corporate planning days.


Dancehouse has developed a COVIDSafe Plan to ensure the continued safe use of Dancehouse spaces for our community, artists and staff.

Dancehouse COVIDSafe plan

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