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'1/6', Orsola Valenti. Photo by Heidi Hassan.
25 October—7 November 2019
Full series:
5pm Fridays

Individual films:
2:30 & 5:30pm weekdays (excluding Fridays)
12:30 & 6pm weekends

Federation Square


Accessiblity: Wheelchair access

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6/6 is a filmic response to Cindy Van Acker’s work. An Australian debut, showing at Federation Square.

This project belongs to the genre: choreographic work readapted to film. This cinematographic rewriting of six solos created for the stage by Cindy Van Acker, entails revisiting and reworking each choreography, going to the heart of each piece to extract its very essence in a form metamorphosed by the approach to film.

Going beyond any semiological demonstration of the relationship between dance and cinema, the idea of ​​bringing together two kinds of artistic expression specifically around these solos — being open and polyphonic by nature — is to generate a range of sensory and intellectual experiences that can live up to the evocative power that these pieces carry in them. A semiological adventure through the articulation between reality and fiction, but also a sensory and captivating journey in another spatiotemporal dimension.

Direction and editing: Orsola Valenti
Choreography: Cindy Van Acker
Interpretation: Tamara Bacci 1/6, Cindy Van Acker 2/6, Luca Nava 4/6, Perrine Valli 5/6, Marthe Krummenacher 6/6
Sound recording and mixing: Denis Rollet
Administration and distribution: Tutu Production
Cie Greffe
Support: The City of Geneva, the Republic and the Canton of Geneva, Pro-Helvetia, Loterie Romande Regio Films Fund, Ernst Göhner Stiftung


November 1—10

From the black box to the white cube, from public parks to rock concerts and cinema scapes, this selection brings to Melbourne some of the most sophisticated, thought-provoking Geneva-based makers. These breathtaking works all interrogate complex notions of identity, shared heritage, tradition and the desire to demarcate, possess, tame or exploit the environment and the self.

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