Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Δ (Change from Aotearoa): Workshops

Jahra Wasasala, Jaycee Iman and Ooschon

CONJAH (Jahra Wasasala and Ooschon, 2023). Photo by Holly Burgess.
20—29 March 2023

Single workshop: $15
All 3 workshops: $30


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Δ:  Vogue Runway and Essence with Jaycee Iman

20 March, 8pm

Learn the essence of Vogue with Aotearoa Ballroom Mother, Jaycee Iman and get your 10s! Participants will be guided to embody their sexual and gender identity and strut it down a catwalk. This class includes working on your Essence, a term used in ballroom to explain performance quality and movement expression rooted in gender empowerment.

This class is suited for all levels and movers 16+.

Δ:  Waving with Ooschon

27 March, 8pm

Join waving champion Ooschon for their first Naarm masterclass as they share the fundamentals of the Street dance form along with improvisational tools. Ooshcon’s specialised training and approach concentrates on deepening self-awareness through body isolation and control.

This class is suited for advanced movers of any style 16+.

Δ:  CONJAH with Jahra Wasasala and Ooschon

29 March, 8pm

Creature Movement work and World-Building drive this unique movement improvisation workshop led by collaborative duo, CONJAH. The self-titled technique amalgamates modes of storytelling and talanoa/exchange using their gafa (lineage) both culturally and somatically.

This class is suited for advanced movers of any style 16+.

Δ:  Choreolab with Jaycee Iman, Jahra Wasasala and Ooschon

22–24 March

Hosted annually by established guest artists from the Asia Pacific region, Choreolab is Chunky Move’s professional development workshop program. Selected artists participate in a free, three-day intensive workshop grounded in Vogue, Waving, Creature Movement work and World-Building, and are invited to perform as part of “Δ: Archipelago”.

Please note, Choreolab EOIs are now closed.

Δ (Change from Aotearoa) is a talanoa/exchange between street dance leaders exploring the currents and tides of dance on Oceaniac lands. Read more about the program >>

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Jahra Wasasala is a world-builder, movement psychopomp, and writer of realms. An award-winning artist, Jahra is of Viti/Fiji and Palagi origin, based in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Within the Islands of Viti, she hails from the provinces of Ba and Macuata. A student of mythology, her own bloodline and deepening her work within ancestral attunement, Jahra is deeply invested in the ancestral memory archive of the body that can be accessed through movement, character channelling and conceptual excavation within performance. Jahra and Ooschon collaborate and direct the artistic endeavour CONJAH, which researches the physicality of the beyond-physical body.

Jaycee Tanuvasa (AKA Jaycee Iman) is a prominent voice within the rainbow community as a Transgender and Pacific advocate and community leader. She has navigated her activism through various avenues such as Auckland Pride Board (2017), Village collective, Fine Fatale and Me Family Services Transitioning Together programme. Miss Tanuvasa is a multifaceted artist, curator, producer, and performer, gathering Queer bodies to perform to sold out audiences. With years of experience in voluntary and self-funded initiatives and projects, Jaycee’s leadership as Founding Mother of House of Iman has made a positive impact on our wider pacific, LGBTQIA+ communities both in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Australia.

Ooshcon “The Decipherer Of Circles” is an experimental Hip Hop movement artist of Samoan and Palagi origin. Ooshcon is an award-winning Hip Hop theatre choreographer, a respected Hip Hop and open-style battler, and a sought-after performer with extensive skills in a range of Street Dance styles. Ooshcon has choreographed and performed internationally, recently performing his solo work “Glitch” at the Grand Théâtre at the Maison de la Culture de Tahiti. Beyond the stage, Ooshcon is a mentor and facilitator of creative programmes for young people, focussing on empowering youth to find their voices through the intersection of movement and talanoa/conversation.

These masterclasses are supported by the Australia Council of the Arts. The “Change from Aotearoa (Δ)” project is supported by Australia Council of the Arts, Chunky Move, Dancehouse and Basement Theatre.

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