Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Dance (Lens) — Formscapes

Melissa Ramos

Formscapes, curated by Melissa Ramos.
29 July — 29 August

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LIVE SCREENING: Sunday 21 November 4:00pm

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Live screenings of the Dance (Lens) program will be held from 19–21 November.

Formscapes curated by Melissa Ramos focuses on screendance works that explore themes of past, present and future embodied perspectives, deconstructing fabricated patterns and the auto-poetic narratives of joint ownership between the viewer and the screen. This series of works unravel narratives that trace the many layers of how we interact, deconstruct, connect and record our geography. 

Mass (2019) — Fu Le

French choreographer and filmmaker Fu Le’s artistic process intrinsically fuses the camera and dancer. Known for creating works filmed in one single long-take; the camera becomes the dancer, the stage and the viewer. Mass investigates how the population volume impacts us, observing how one confronts the ebb and flow of a large crowd, resisting or immersing oneself. The crowd here symbolises the current upheavals all over the world, evoking parties, migrations, manifestations, gatherings, or just the daily life of a big city.

Director: Fu Le
Co-director and Director of Photography: Adrien Gontier
Dancers: Danse en Seine Association
Steadycam: Fabienne Rossignol
Music: Harun Bayraktar & Tom Jarvis
Post-production: Bizaroïd

Cycle-RE (2016) — Ana Mariija Marinov

Directed by Croatian artist filmmaker Ana Marija Marinov, Cycle-RE is a tribute to pioneering dance filmmaker Maya Deren. It traces the presence of Maya Deren’s filmic forms of the camera as choreography. Cycle-RE is led by the idea that nothing is truly original and everything is part of a growing spiral of adaptation. Creatively bound to the history of art making, ideas exist in the backdrop, transfiguring the past forward, and reshaping it into new forms.

Writer/Director/Editor: Ana Marija Marinov
DOP/Editor: Vismante Ruzgaite
Choreographer/Dancer: Monika Voisnyte
Sound: Ramunas Jasutis Emile Ribokaite
Steadicam: Audrius Zelenius
Colorist: Tomas Rugys
Music by: Valgeir Sigurdsson ‘Dreamland’
Project by: Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija
Supported by: Lietuvos kultūros taryba, Lietuvos Respublikos Švietimo, Mokslo ir Sporto Ministerija
Partners: AMI Inkubatorius, Menumiestas.lt, Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija, Summer media Studio 2016

pretty UGLY (2021) — Red-Cor (Corina Andrian)

pretty UGLY by Romanian dancer, visual artist and film director Corina Andrian aka Red-Cor invites the viewer in an active process of co-creation of looking at oneself bare. Collaborating with fashion designer Kirsten Gair, her garments inhabit the bodies, influencing the choreography by superimposing microscopic images of her own body’s imperfections. The model of joint authorship is not synthetic in pretty UGLY. There’s an auto-poetic narrative that emerges. Without you knowing, your body is orienting itself with the narrative, responding to what you absorb subconsciously, and viscerally traversing a personal psychogeography. Confronted with a torrent of vulnerability, the passage is corporeal and emotional. The essence is a complex system, expressing a shape of unpleasant potions. 

Director and Producer: Red-Cor
Costume: Kirsten Gair
Director of Photography and Editor: Corina Andrian
Performers:Kirsten Gair, Lia Marin, Andrei Cătălin Nistor, Cristina Tudor
Music (light): Wyatt MacDermott
Music (dark): Quartet No. 6 and Quartet No. 5: III
Composed: Matthew Whiteside
Performed:  Aurea Quartet
Production Assistant: Zaquis Riddick

Outside In (2011) — Tove Skeidsvoll and Petrus Sjövik 

Outside In by Swedish choreographer and dancer Tove Skeidsvoll with co-director Petrus Sjövik speak about taking one’s intrinsic nature back, deconstructing fabricated structures and breaking the walls between the dancer, set and spectator. We, the spectator, are transmitted in essence a pas de deux dance between dancer and spectator, allowing us to come close before suddenly breaking free in a beautiful metaphorical display.

Idea and Story: Tove Skeidsvoll and Petrus Sjövik
Director, Choreographer and Dancer: Tove Skeidsvoll
Director and Director of Photography: Petrus Sjövik
Music and Sound design: Johannes Burström
Editing: Nils Moström
Scenography: Peter Öhgren
Dramaturgy: Gunilla Heilborn
Executive Producer: Annelie Gardell
Produced: NorrlandsOperan in co-production with Film in Västerbotten
Many thanks to Danscentrum Stockholm

(Focus) — Formscapes

Interviewed and presented by curator Melissa Ramos, the Formscapes curatorial video essay examines Corina Andrian aka Red-Cor (Romania), Fu Le (France), Ana Marija Marinov (Croatia) and Tove Skeidsvoll (Sweden) screendance process and reflect upon past, present and future embodied perspectives, deconstructing fabricated patterns and the auto-poetic narratives of joint ownership between the viewer and the screen. Reflecting on notions of time and their impetus to making art.



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Melissa Ramos is an artist, filmmaker living on Gadigal land, Sydney. She is the founding director and curator of Dance Cinema Organisation, dedicated to celebrate the artform of screendance featuring works directed by artists whose production lies in-between contemporary art, dance and cinema. Melissa’s artistic practice derives from examining the conflicts between nature and culture, in particular the issues of nature imparted by colonialism and modernity. Melissa has collaborated with choreographers and dancers around the world; most recently with Sarah Pini for Critical Path, Sydney, and Swedish choreographer Carolina Bäckman for Copenhagen Stage Denmark. Melissa’s work has been exhibited widely; among them include Art Gallery of New South Wales, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), USA; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, Japan; House of Dance Denmark, Copenhagen; Vargas Museum, Manila Philippines; National Gallery, Bangkok; National Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Singapore; Berlin Asian Film Festival; and the Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin. Germany  www.melissaramos.com.au

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