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Memories from Suspended Places

Georgia Rudd & Riyo Tulus Pernando

Image by David Gesuri.
6:30pm, Thu 31 August — Sat 2 September 2023
3pm, Sat 2 September
* Artist Talk (post show), Friday 1 September

Full: $30
Concession: $25
Members / Locals: $20
MobTix: $15

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Memories from Suspended Places delves into the profound language of the body, unravelling the threads that bind us and bridging the gap between cultures.

Developed over two years in Solo, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia by Georgia Rudd and Riyo Tulus Pernando, Memories from Suspended Places invites audiences on an intimate exploration of the things that have shaped them, revealed through the process of coming together to create.

Together they have forged a dance vocabulary that transcends the limitations of words.

From Georgia Rudd and Riyo Tulus Pernando:

Reflections through a body not mine
Of familiar places in far off horizons, a siren
Two eyes of the storm attempting to meet
Attempt, attempt and miss, attempt again
In our minds’ memory, movement is the sole language, the thread to connect us
The tool to reveal our different paths
Our preferences
The tool to bring us closer
Together looking for forms, doing something new to the body
Trying to hide everything that was
In our connectivity we open spaces of desire to become something to see or feel
How can we translate without words?
At arm’s length, holding hands, softly opening, spiralling into the memories calling our attention

Driving towards the future, will you meet me somewhere in the in-between?
We collide in an open space of difference, where gestures make for communication
A link — a connecting bridge from village to village
That allows us to feel the waterfall falling
To feel the magic of the living temple
To hear the siren in a land untouched by time

Reality is suspended — a new world drops into place

Choreographers: Georgia Rudd and Riyo Tulus Pernando
Performers: Georgia Rudd and Riyo Tulus Pernando
Composer: Komang Rosie Clynes
Lighting Designer and Production Manager: Thomas Roach
Costume Designer: Andrew Treloar
Producer: Estelle Conley

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Born in Bangkinang, Kampar, Riau in Indonesia, Riyo Tulus Pernando (he/him) has been exploring traditional Malay dances since 2006. From 2008 to 2011, Riyo completed his Diploma at the Riau Malay Arts Academy (AKMR). In 2012, he continued his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Solo/Surakarta, majoring in the Dance Creation program. Whilst in Surakarta, Riyo has worked with well-known choreographers both from within the country and abroad including Eko Supriyanto, Prof. Sardono W Kusumo, Jan Linkes (Het International Dansteater), and Hiroshi Khoike (Japan). In addition to establishing the Malaydansstudio community in 2015, Riyo teaches choreography at ISI Surakarta, and works with EkosDance Company. Riyo is Eko Supriyanto’s assistant on the works “BalaBala” and “IBUIBU Belu”.

Georgia Rudd (she/her) is a Naarm/Melbourne-based independent contemporary dancer, performer and teacher originating from New Zealand. As a Company Dancer with Dancenorth Australia, Georgia was part of the creation of many works with various artists including Melanie Lane, Lucy Guerin, Stephanie Lake, Alisdair MacIndoe, Gideon Obarzanek, Lee Serle, Jo Lloyd and Ross McCormack—performing and touring nationally and internationally. As part of Dancenorth’s annual Tomorrow Makers series, Georgia choreographed three short works, “sifting through all the forgets”, “Construction and Contemplation” and “Together Indecision”. Currently, Georgia continues to refine her practice where the body is the basis for questioning, processing, transformation and joy. Her embodiment practices honour the complexity and intelligence of the body and its ability to reflect the world in which it is in.

'Memories from Suspended Places' was commissioned by LGI as part of the Naarm/Solo Dance Exchange 2022-23.

The Naarm/Solo Dance Exchange is presented by Lucy Guerin Inc and EkosDance Company.

The Naarm/Solo Dance Exchange is supported by Eirene Lucas Foundation.

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