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On The Table

Emma Fayelecaun, Shelley O’Meara, Chris Chua & Chelsea Byrne

"On The Table" (2021). Photo courtesy of the artists.
28 June—19 July 2021

Every Monday

Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse


Due to COVID restrictions, places are very limited and bookings are essential.

This program is run by Caitlin Dear and Ebony Muller.
For any questions or to submit an idea, please email: onthetable.contact@gmail.com

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On The Table is a weekly event for artistic exchange and collaboration. Dancers of any training background, as well as people curious about movement though new to dance, are welcome.

Each week’s session is hosted by a different artist or collective who are invited to put something ‘on the table’ for everyone to examine together. The program features artists working with different styles of dance, approaches to choreography, methods of bodily practice and relationships to movement. On The Table particularly aims to highlight artists who work with dance in combination with other fields such as gaming, science, therapy and visual art. Anyone from these other areas is encouraged to come along!

Sessions range from workshops and in-progress performance showings to open artistic explorations. Artists might share choreographic material, a practice, an idea, a framework, a question, a score, a reading or any manner of provocation. Everyone is invited to take part in the tasks at hand. Participation can be as little or as much as desired and you are free to come and just watch.

On The Table is free to attend and everyone is welcome whether you’re a professional dancer or you’ve never danced before. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move and bring a water bottle.

Upcoming Sessions

Monday 28 June, 6:30pm — Emma Fayelecaun

Join us for this workshop with Emma, who is currently studying a Masters of Expressive Arts Therapy. She will guide us through explorations of movement as a form of connection to self and authentic expression. Responding to memory, emotion and external stimulus, we will explore ways of developing personal narratives through movement. We will move in and around meaning making, considering the body as a place of truth and knowing.

Monday 5 July, 6.30pm — Shelley O’Meara

This participatory session will utilise techniques from martial arts, contact improvisation and image-based improvisation practice to explore the question: Can you teach the embodiment of power?

Shelley O’Meara is a Melbourne based interdisciplinary artist and martial arts practitioner. Concerned with power, autonomy and the politicisation of bodies Shelley makes movement and screen-based works as well as undertaking practice-based research.

Monday 12 July, 6.30pm — Chris Chua

Movement improvisation meets game culture in this playful session. Chris will present his work ReinCardNation, an experimental movement-based game where a group is taken on a shared improvisation journey. The game seeks to create fluid leadership within the group, involving a combination of guidance from the cards and personal agency from the players.

Monday 19 July, 6.30pm — Chelsea Byrne

What is our capacity to give each other our full undivided attention? For this session, Chelsea will share her improvisation practice that explores connectedness. She will guide us through a series of simple scores/exercises that incorporate eye gazing, mirroring, presence and physical dialogue.

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