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In 2021, after a cataclysmic year, Dancehouse welcomed deeper long-term partnerships with local, self-organising dance communities and industry collaborators.

Every Monday night, Dancehousing takes over all spaces and studios of Dancehouse. Dancehousing welcomes a number of self-organising local dance communities: street dancers, voguers, krumpers, waackers and lockers, hip hop dancers; contact improvisation practitioners, and dance and physical theatre improvisers, to come to Dancehouse to practice, share and build community. 

Foundationally, Dancehousing is a long-form residency, but it also connects each group to Dancehouse as a producing and presenting house. Dancehousing groups also host individual events curated and performed by their participating artists through Dancehouse Sundays and Finalé

If you are interested in joining for one of the sessions please email: development@dancehouse.com.au

How Dancehousing works

Throughout 2021, every Monday evening all spaces at Dancehouse are filled with local dance communities to practice in parallel and proximity with each other. Each group is allocated time and will determine how they want to use the space. Together the groups determine how they respectfully share the building.

Anchored around the improvisational performance evening Now Pieces throughout the year, the last Sunday evening of every month will be dedicated to low-tech public performances curated and organised by the supported groups.


2020-2021 Participating Groups:

9DIMES is A Naarm (Melbourne) based dance company that brings together dance and music artists from various cultural and professional backgrounds, with a strong focus on street culture. Their work involves bridging divisions in performance/theatre while integrating street-base art into larger multimedia experiences. Since the company’s inception, it has been 9DIMES’ vision to help provide opportunities for multicultural subaltern communities to participate and refine their professional practices in the arts.

Key Contact: Efren Pamilacan


Burn City Waack is community based in Melbourne dedicated to the art form Waacking. Waacking is a culture that began in the underground LGBT clubs of Los Angeles and later spread out into the world. It’s a safe space for all individuals who want to learn/share in the culture of the dance in a respectful environment for the past six years connecting locals with international leaders in the form.

Key Contact: Andy Kuramoto


The noble House of Deviné (HOD), a queer collective and family of artists, is known for creating safe spaces for QTBIPOC to thrive in, often through mentoring, training, performing and hosting inclusive events. The ballroom house consists 11 POC queer and trans individuals, together creating inclusive spaces and facilitating pathways for the LGBTQIA+ community. Currently HOD continues to create Balls focusing on the intersections of the New York Ballroom culture with the queer social culture of so called Australia, including their Housewarming Ball in 2019, funded by City of Melbourne’s Signal.

Key Contact: Kiki Targe


In 2017 Jam on Toast (JOT) was hot out the toaster, lathered in jam and served in Melbourne’s dance community by Oliver and David. It acts as an open styles dance jam that occurs every Wednesday in Melbourne’s CBD and now Monday’s at Dancehouse – catering for all levels, styles, ages through the lens of empowerment and celebrating uniqueness.

Key Contact: David Prakash and Oliver Le


The Melbourne Jamstas are a collective of experienced Contact Improvisation (CI) practitioners, committed to keeping the richness of the CI form alive in Melbourne. For more than a decade, The Jamstas have caretaken and nourished the Melbourne CI Jam – which itself has been running on a consistent weekly basis for over 25 years; the longest running CI Jam in Australia, held for most of it’s life at Cecil Street Studio. Being involved in the Dancehousing program, offers The Jamstas time and space to deepen and nourish their own CI practices, in order to further support both the CI community of Melbourne and the broader CI community in Australia, as well as be part of the exciting dance ecosystem at Dancehouse.

Key Contacts: Martin Hughes and Emily Bowman


On the Table will occur every Monday evening in the Upstairs Studio at 8.30pm with each week hosted by a different artist or collective. EOIs are currently open.

Expanding beyond traditional in-process showing formats, hosting artists or collectives will share their work, inviting others to partake in their explorations; putting something ‘on the table’ for everyone attending to examine together. Artists will be working within or adjacent to the realms of dance, movement, choreography and bodily practice. Sessions will take a broad range of formats from workshops and progress showings to open explorations. Facilitating artists may bring in choreographic material, a practice,  an idea, a framework, a question, a score, a reading or any manner of provocation.

Key Contacts: Caitlin Dear and Ebony Muller


Now Pieces, 2021 builds on the lineage of improvisation in contemporary dance practice in Melbourne, and opens up to forms and methods of improvisation in other creative fields and cultural practices. Improvisation as a performance technique is the disciplined exploration of embodied practice that leads to crafted, spontaneous, and artful communication made on-the-go. This monthly platform invites a range of intergenerational practitioners who–in one way or another–prioritise movement to incorporate body, sound, vocalisation, memory, image and energy, responding to each passing moment in relation to the space where they are dancing in relation to the audience.  Monday nights are an opportunity to practise performing.

Key Contacts: Peter Trotman, Kevin Jeynes and Amaara Raheem


Sister Sessions is a Melbourne-based collective with the vision of creating a strong, evergreen female dance community in Australia through innovative events and projects designed to connect, challenge and empower female dancers in their individual and collective journeys. Since launching in March 2018, their Ladies Only battles have successfully recruited first timers into the battling practice, as well as increased the participation and visibility of female dancers across the broader dance scene. Seeing more than 150 female dancers across 6 events (and counting), Sister Sessions is the most prominent and consistent female dance event in Melbourne.

Key Contact: Marnie Newton

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