Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

On The Table

Jenn Ma, Emilie Walsh, Hillary Goldsmith, Mark Brown II & Emily Bowman

Image provided by the artist
26 April—24 May 2021

Upstairs Studio,* Dancehouse

*The Upstairs Studio has limited access via two flights of stairs


For any questions or to submit an idea, please contact onthetable.contact@gmail.com

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On The Table is a weekly event for artistic exchange and collaborative working.

Expanding beyond traditional in-process showing formats, hosting artists or collectives will share their work, inviting others to partake in their explorations; putting something ‘on the table’ for everyone attending to examine together. The artists curated by Caitlin Dear and Ebony Muller are working within or adjacent to the realms of dance, movement, choreography and bodily practice, often in combination with other areas including gaming, science and therapy.

Sessions will take a broad range of formats from workshops and in-progress showings to open artistic explorations. Facilitating artists may bring in choreographic material, a practice,  an idea, a framework, a question, a score, a reading or any manner of provocation. Attendees will contribute to the work at hand, with everyone shaping the session together. Participation can be as much or as little as desired.

On The Table is free to attend and everyone is welcome, simply rock up, regardless of dance experience. On the Table will occur every Monday evening in the Upstairs Studio at 8.30pm with each week hosted by a different artist or collective. This program is run by Caitlin Dear and Ebony Muller.

26th of April at 8.30pm – Jenn Ma

An open dance workshop to explore the notion of ‘dancing together’. Movement approaches ranging from energetic practices, contemporary dance and street dance cultures will be explored. This workshop is an offering for contemporary and street dancers to meet together, intersect and exchange.

3rd of May at 8.30pm  – Emilie Walsh

How does our gaze drive our bodies? Learn how to design a viewmaster reel with visual artist Emilie and get involved in a participatory performance, playing with the viewmasters in relation to the space and our bodies.

10th of May at 8.30pm – Hillary Goldsmith

Move, write, talk, touch. We will simply come together and spend time engaging with each of these open activities. The only obligation is to stick to each activity for a set duration of time, to whatever capacity you feel comfortable. A group dynamic may emerge through shared practice and research.

17th of May at 8.30pm  – Mark Brown II

Ritual and community will be at the heart of Mark’s session, whose work is about race/gender/ethnicity/queerness. Using D’Angelo’s seminal RnB album “Voodoo” as the source material, come and explore the integration of cultural ritual into cabaret performance with proactive audience participation.

24th of May at 8.30pm- Emily Bowman

Joined by her collaborator Joey Lehrer, Emily will share some of her research/practice surrounding Contact (and) Improvisation in performance. They will perform around 30 minutes of improvised material, followed by group discussions and explorations. She is especially interested in experimenting with how this material can be framed and understanding how the framing affects her own perception of the work, as well as what the work becomes from the perspective of the ‘audience’. Please bring your a notebook and pen.

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