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What is in-between?

Conversation Series for KCA 2020

2—6 March

Studio 221/Dance Building
Victorian College of the Arts


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A series of free conversations.
In partnership with University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts

2 March  #1 (In)visible Futures

3 March  #2 (In)visible Matter(s)

4 March #3 (In)visible Forces

5 March  #4 (In)visible Scores

6 March  #5 (In)visible Times

Dancehouse 2020 Keir Choreographic Award Public Program

Presented by Dancehouse in partnership with Abbotsford Convent, LGI/WYXZ, Temperance Hall, Chunky Move, The Commons/Fringe, University of Melbourne/Victorian College of the Arts, The Mill Adelaide

Dancehouse’s Keir Choreographic Award (KCA) Public Program accompanies the KCA competition and is an integral part of this initiative and of Dancehouse’s ongoing commitment to promote dialogue, reflection, accessibility and criticality for the art form, its makers and its audiences. It aims to cross-pollinate an array of outstanding thinkers and practitioners from the dance field and other communities of thought  in order to provide a unique context in which to consider the deep, subtle ways that dance, with its multiplicity of choreographed and embodied manifestations, connects to the social, the ethical, the political and as importantly, to our most inner selves.

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2 March  #1 (In)visible Futures

Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Jen Rae, Dr Chris Ryan moderated by Angharad Wynne-Jones

Inspired by the research devised by the Liveable Futures community, this conversation will discuss concrete creative solutions to survival under unpredictable planetary conditions and crisis. What role do artists play in devising future socially-responsive artistic practices focused on a collective sense of sustainability?

3 March #2 (In)visible Matter(s)

Hellen Sky, Catherine Clover, Rhiannon Newton moderated by Amaara Raheem 

What are the forces that claim agency in our bodies and in our lives? Matter can be understood in entirely material terms – the matter of a body, a building, of space, of environment – but it can also be thought as the effect of ad hoc configurations, accidental or premeditated combinations of human and nonhuman  forces. Recognising that agency is not solely the terrain of humans, how are these forces captured, researched and embodied today?

4 March #3 (In)visible Forces

Curating Dance – What Power Dynamics? 

Helly Minarti, Barb Bolt, David Sequeira moderated by Collette Brennan

This conversation invites international and national presenters to reflect on the forces at play that define, constrain or inspire their everyday life, their relationship with (and responsibility to) artists and audiences and the position of power that these positions inherently hold.

5 March  #4 (In)visible Scores

Choreography as/for/of text, poetry & objects

Mette Edvarsten, Claudia La Rocco, Lucinda Strahn moderated by Sandra Parker 

What happens when choreography intersects, interferes, inhabits the text, the poetic structures — situating movement (with)in objects? This conversation looks at exploring the inner choreographic scores that anchor a text, a poem or an object in their relationship to the moving body.

6 March  #5 (In)visible Times 

What is Contemporary in Contemporary Dance? 

Linda Sastradipradja, Nareeporn Vachananda, Martin Hansen moderated by Carol Brown

Contemporary dance automatically positions dance within a certain notion of the contemporary within the very definition of the artform. And yet, dance holds time and remembers time differently. What exactly does it take to define a dance work as contemporary? Must a work refer to particular norms and traditions in order to qualify as contemporary, and in the case of dance, what would these be?Is contemporary dance the preserve of western lineages and traditions? How can, and do, other traditions equally claim the contemporary?

The Keir Choreographic Award Dancehouse Public Program is presented by Dancehouse in partnership with City of Yarra, Abbotsford Convent, Faculty of the VCA and MCM | University of Melbourne, Temperance Hall, Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc., Common Rooms and The Mill. Dancehouse would like to warmly thank the Keir Foundation for making this public program possible. Accomodation proudly supported by City Tempo.

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