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Dance (Lens)

Screendance talks, extras and bonus features



Dance (Lens) Festival, ran from 29 July—29 August 2021 and showcased over 30 outstanding international and national screendance works curated by André Shannon, Melissa Ramos and Siobhan Murphy.

In addition to the screendance works, the (Focus) program of talks, extras and bonus features designed and offered by each curator is available for free.


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The Dance (Lens) series highlights outstanding Dance Films from Australia and internationally with artist Q&As.

Like dance, film is conveyed in time. A time which can be manipulated, accelerated, stopped and rewound at will. On-screen narratives are produced by the rhythmic combination of takes, jump-cuts, wipes, fade-ins and fade-outs — where the camera itself becomes a choreographic tool that extends beyond the physical boundaries of the body and the stage.

Dance (Lens) explores the embodiment and disembodiment of dance, speculative stages, screening history and the communal dance of watching from the other side of the screen.


Watch the trailer and bonus features:

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