Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Melbourne Fringe Festival


Saltbush (2022) – Luke Currie-Richardson (Kuku Yalanji, Djabugay, Mununjali, Butchella, Merian Samsep) Jordan O’Davis (Yuggera_ Waka Waka) Syrenne Anu (Kuku Yalanji, Woppaburra, Butchulla, Kalaw Kawaw Ya). Produced by Insite Arts. Photo by TJ Garvie.

Dancehouse is the Dance Hub of the Melbourne Fringe. Since 2015, Dancehouse has supported more than 50 Fringe shows and been home to some of the Festival’s Best Dance award winners including: Gemma+Molly (2023), Isabelle Beauverd (2019), Aimee Schollum (2018) and Siobhan McKenna (2017).

Read more about our Melbourne Fringe programs below.

Dancehouse 2023 Melbourne Fringe Program, 4—14 October

TOUCH — Deepa Mani & Sheena Chundee
CRECHE — Oliver Savariego
LUSH — gemma+molly
The Unlearning — Adrien Tucker
Why Runs The Abhisarika? — Priyanka Jain
Oh Sheila — Ashley Goh, Beverley Li & Tiffany Nung
object-shun — Erin O’Rourke
SERMON — Rhys Ryan
Tits Out — Shelley O’Meara

Dancehouse 2022 Melbourne Fringe Program

5—15 October 2022

Saltbush — Insite Arts
Withhold — Inplay Projects
No Former Performer Has Performed this Performance Before #7 — Born in a Taxi

Dancehouse 2021 Melbourne Fringe Program

7—17 October 2021

Star Spangled Banter — Jonathan Homsey

The following works were also selected to present at Dancehouse for the 2021 Melbourne Fringe but were then transferred to Seasons in 2022:

Passing — Isabelle Beauverd
Siren Dance — Lilian Steiner
Lucha Bridge, Silent Shift — Ngioka Bunda-Heath

Dancehouse 2020 Melbourne Fringe Program

Houseparty – Curated by Dancehouse
Now Pieces – For Now – Curated by Kevin Jeynes and Paea Leach
Shift – Claire Marshall
Alien Intimacy – James Batchelor and Zander Porter

The following works were also selected to present at Dancehouse for the 2020 Melbourne Fringe but were then transferred to Seasons in 2021:

Bodylex – Rhys Ryan
Memoria del Cuerpo Vivo – Gabriela Green Olea and Oscar Poncell
Moth – Aimee Schollum
Here We Are – Such n Such
Colour-Fool – Yumi Umiumare and ButohOUT! Ensemblre
100 Haikus – Trevor Santos

Dancehouse 2019 Melbourne Fringe Program

The Right – Katrina Rank
Home(s) –  Jennifer Ma
Surge – Isabelle Beauverde
But Why – Austinmer Dance Theatre
Seeing Red – Ashley Dougan
A Study of Being – Kayla Douglas
Pink Matter – Beth Raywood Cross, Stella Webster & Diane Pereira
The Voices of Joan of Arc – Janie Gibson

Dancehouse 2018 Melbourne Fringe Program

Sonos – Aimee Schollum
Nonsensical – Joel Fenton
48 Points (make a boy dance) – Paul Jackson
Colour Correction – Peas and Rice
Whiplash – Scott Wings
Connect – Austinmer Dance Theatre
Unconscious Volcanoes – Rachel Huf and Tahlia Klugman

Dancehouse 2017 Melbourne Fringe Program

Blindful – Abbie Madden
Contact – Jack Riley
Utterance – Siobhan McKenna
Ophelia’s Inner Monologue – Aridhi Anderson
The Island – Sete Tele
Gamelan and The Cirebon Mask: A Dance Cycle – Putra Panji Asmara

Dancehouse 2016 Melbourne Fringe Program

ISM – Paul Jesseph Base Hickman
Dancing with Dark Goddesses – Irina Kuzminsky
It’s Getting Awkward – Sarah Chaffey, Scott Elstermann and Ezgi Gungor –  Awkward Connections Double Bill
How to Con-nect – Rikki Bremner – Awkward Connections Double Bill
Low Expectations – Samantha Crameri-Miller – Brainchild Double Bill
Principle of Causation – Cameron Lansdown-Goodmand and dancers – Brainchild Double Bill

Dancehouse 2015 Melbourne Fringe Program

Dear Fred – Kathleen Szalay – Double Bill 1
How Humans Can Fly – Suze SmithDouble Bill 1
Into the Maze – Ashlee Barton – Double Bill 2
Urban Rapture – Nebahat Erpolat – Double Bill 2
Wilson – Sarah Ronnie Bruce – Double Bill 3
everything’s coming up roses – Eve Newton-Johnson – Double Bill 3

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